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Watch TV Programs On Computers

TV Viewer is a multimedia software created by RH Designs. The television viewer software can turn compatible video capture cards into a PCTV card. It also works with other video sources. Users can view television programs or other videos sources in fullscreen display on their computers.

Dual Viewing System

Having a separate television set and a computer is expensive. Both of them can take a large space. Using both of them at the same time consumes a lot of electricity. Other consumers would opt for online streaming services since they have more fun and updated contents. They would rather commit on paid subscription services than pay video-on-demand services. But nothing still beats the free television broadcast programs. It broadcasts news and various shows despite the limitations like location and number of channels. TV Viewer enables airing of full-screen television broadcasts from video capture cards. The software activates PCTV functionalities on any computer with compatible components. Other than watching television shows, this software can connect with other sources like webcams, as well as WDM and VfW based components. It requires a VCR that will function as the television tuner. Users have to connect the VCR’s video-out port to the capture card and sound port to the computer’s audio card. This enables a stable audio-video output to the computer. There is an option for connecting other devices with extra video-out connector. This is for the video capture function if users wish to save television programs onto their computers. The software will display the television program above other open applications. Users can resize the software in fullscreen or restore down in minimal size. They can adjust the audio output or mute the sounds.

Single Convenient Entertainment System

TV Viewer lets users enjoy the best of both worlds. They can watch the latest television programs and at the same time be updated with the trends online. It only requires a compatible video capture card to display television broadcasts. There is no need to have a separate television set and computer to be entertained or updated at the same time.

TV Viewer is a program that allows users to watch TV full screen on your computer. This software works by utilizing your video capture card, webcam, or other device to be used as a way to view TVs.

TV Viewer requires the use of a VCR tuner to connect video-out of your VCR with your capture card or device. This software allows not only fullscreen, but a stretchable window view, automatically disables screensavers for uninterrupted view, shrinks toolbars, has a mute and unmute button, small memory and cpu usage, and even supports VFW and WMD capture devices.


  • Watch television programmings on full screen
  • Record television programs with an extra capture card
  • Supports WDM and VfW based cards
  • Works with webcams


  • Outdated user interface
  • Not all capture cards are compatible
  • Dependent on location to which television program being displayed


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TV Viewer


TV Viewer 3.0 for PC


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